On Feb. 28, Steinbrenner held its first ever Warrior Fest. Warrior Fest, or a school sanctioned festival for students to play games and have fun with their friends, was originally thought of by Senate as a way to bring the school together in the name of school spirit and friendship. The event turned out to be extremely successful in accomplishing this, bringing in over 400 students to participate in this fun filled event.

The festival was set up with multiple tents spread across the Steinbrenner football field. Each tent was run by its own club, with a game or two set up for people to play and enjoy. One such tent was run by DECA, which had the game corn hole.

“We feel its very important to be a part of our school culture. And we definitely see this as a positive for our school culture. So we wanted to hitch our wagon to that horse,” said Allyson Ennis, sponsor of DECA.

Other activities at the event included Bocce ball, set up by Model UN. This Italian game starts by rolling a single white ball anywhere on the field. After settling, two opponents must each compete in trying to roll their individual balls closer to the white ball than the other. The game added a sense of another culture to one of the many activities at Warrior Fest.

Other games at the gathering included Giant Jenga, trivia, Spike Ball, and Tug of War.

“I liked playing all the different games that the clubs had. I’m very competitive, so I was going pretty hard on Tug of War,” said junior Jamie Miller.

Some of the clubs also provided snacks, such as the Quidditch club, which had homemade Butterbeer muffins. This is the flavor of a popular drink in the Harry Potter series, that the sport of Quidditch is from.

One of the more popular events of the night was the Lip Sync station, where a small crowd formed and stayed for a large portion of the night.

“You saw people of all different walks of life coming together and performing, and encouraging each other. And I think that was kind of what we were trying to do,” said Ennis.

Overall, Warrior Fest was successful in promoting school unity, and most of all allowing students to come together and have fun. Next year, it looks to improve and provide the school with just as much entertainment.



Nicholas Sowell // Co-Sports Editor

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