On Mar. 8, the Steinbrenner girls softball team hosted a home game against the Jefferson Dragons. The game, which ended in a 2-1 victory for the Warriors, was well played by both teams, with an even match up for both that resulted in a close game. Though the game was low scoring, it was not without its exciting plays.

The beginning of the game saw an early win for Steinbrenner, after catcher Stephanie Balmer hit a ball out to third base with one out to go in the first inning. Shortstop Meg Pierro, who was on first base, managed to run in all the way to home plate, scoring a point for Steinbrenner.

While not gaining any further points, Steinbrenner was able to maintain this lead for the second and third inning. In the top of the third inning, when Jefferson was batting, center fielder Alexis Buchman managed to make a major catch after a Jefferson player hit a ball out to centerfield. This play was important in that it prevented Jefferson from gaining a 2-1 lead, with players on both second and third base.

Still without any additional points, the Warriors ended the third inning and moved on to the top of the fourth inning, with Jefferson once again at bat. Pierro was able to make a great play to begin the inning, making an extending catch for Jeffersons first out. However, Jefferson finally managed to score after hitting a ball past Buchman in centerfield, which resulted in the Jefferson player on first base scoring a run.

With the game tied, it was important that the Steinbrenner girls needed to score. While neither team scored in the fifth inning, Steinbrenner finally managed to regain their lead in the bottom of the sixth inning.  Balmer hit a ball way out to left field that Jefferson was unable to catch. She was able to make it all the way to third base, and later run in to home base after Jefferson’s catcher dropped a pitch. The inning ended with a score of 2-1, Steinbrenner in the lead, and the game ended after Mikayla Johnson struck Jefferson out for the final out of the game during the seventh inning.

The game was a success for Steinbrenner, as they played hard in order to take home another win against Jefferson. Their next game will be Mar. 20 against the Alonso Ravens, where they hope to add to their winning record of 7-1.



Nicholas Sowell // Co-Sports Editor

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