The Steinbrenner Tennis teams played Sickles both at home and away on Feb. 26. The girls played at Sickles and the boys played at home. The boys won six of the seven matches during this set, and will be required to play ten more matches to advance to districts.
“We won six matches from a total of seven. We played both singles and doubles. They were important matches but not really to us. We play kids in the school zone, the county, then districts, states and nationwide. This was county. We’ll advance in a while, we have about ten more matches.” said freshman Noir Wyatt.
These county matches gave the whole team the chance to apply their new improvements. In practice, the boys had worked hard on technique, such as their serves and various hits. Each team member had a chance to play and most won, as did the opposing team.
“I think I performed really well, it was quite an easy match. We came into the match knowing we were going to win. We also had long practices as a team, which really helped us get better.” said senior Sebastian Rivera.
However, the girls had a little bit of a more difficult time. The Sickles girls’ tennis team was on the same skill level as Steinbrenner, challenging both teams to outperform. Steinbrenner was able to win by one match. These matches also counted towards the girls’ advancement to the district level. The tennis teams will continue their journey to districts.
Sara Gofter // Staff Writer 

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