When Principal Kelly King approached Senate several months ago saying that Steinbrenner needed to have more positivity, they came up with the idea for special day called “Kindness Day.” Kindness Day is about doing small positive things, such as saying hello to people, smiling and lending a hand to others. It is a reminder that students and teachers should always be kind and loving to one another.

There were a few main parts of making Kindness Day a school-wide success. The first, and most obvious part, was asking students to wear yellow to school. History teacher and wrestling coach Paul Noble was selling shirts with a dual purpose. The shirts were yellow for Kindness Day, but were also raising money for the family of one of the victims in the Parkland school shooting.

The other big part of Kindness Day was the balloon grams that were being sold in the cafeteria for students to send to someone else in school. The idea behind the balloon grams was for students to have the opportunity to give something cute to fellow students and teachers to let them know they are important.  Selling balloon grams was Senate’s unique way of spreading kindness and happiness throughout the school.


Senate posts encouraging messages on students’ lockers. They wrote over 300 sticky notes containing motivational phrases and words of kindness. This is the first time Senate has ever done this event, so they decided to keep it simple for this year, but for the next Kindness Day they plan to do something even bigger.


Students assembling for the Kindness Day picture. Students of all grade levels that were wearing yellow came together to show their support for the event.


Students show off their yellow shirts at lunch. The cafeteria was filled with students wearing yellow and receiving smiling yellow balloon grams.


Students wearing yellow fill the courtyard during passing period.


Students show their support for Marjory Stoneman Douglass high school. Senate feels that in this time of tragedy, we need more than ever to spread the word of kindness and acceptance.



Gretchen Strunk // Staff Writer

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