After four years of hard work from the 2018 senior class, Steinbrenner’s “Honor Court,” which is the students with the top 10 highest class rankings, has been announced.

They are, in order,  Antonio (AJ) Gonzalez, Grant Lopresti, Jessica Krasnove, Carina Nunno, Jennifer Teixeira, John Barger, Ashley Kang, Taylor Vanderhook, Hannah Diskin, Anushka Banerjee and Michael Fisher.  

These students worked incredibly hard and diligently to get where they, filling their schedules with honors, AP, and dual enrollment classes. Senior Jennifer Teixeira has taken 14 AP classes, 5 dual enrollment classes, and countless honors classes to get her GPA to where it is.

“It was a lot of hard work, it was super competitive and I definitely would not have worked as hard if I didn’t have the people around me pushing me, so that was really nice to have them,” said Teixeira.

While being on the Honor Court requires one to take many higher level classes, it’s also critical to have the right mindset, starting as early as freshman year.

“Just work hard and know what you want to do, and have a plan for your future.” said John Barger. Barger has taken at least 15 AP or dual enrollment classes in his high school career. 

For some, being on the Honor Court is something they have been striving to achieve since they first arrived at Steinbrenner, or even before.

“I decided I wanted to be on the Honor Court in eighth grade,” said Teixeira. “I went to my brother’s graduation that year, saw Honor Court walk across the stage, and that’s when I decided I wanted to be on it. But I didn’t really have a goal of where I wanted to be until freshman year.”

Now that the official rankings are in, many seniors and Honor Court members feel the stress and competitiveness surrounding class rank fading, in that they no longer have to worry about that aspect of their senior year.

“After four years of working for it, I’d say I feel pretty relieved and accomplished. My classmates and I were extremely competitive this year and I’m really happy to see how much everyone has accomplished alongside me,” said Valedictorian Antonio Gonzalez.

Congratulations to all 2018 Honor Court members. 



Sadie Testa-Secca // Co-News Editor

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