Warning: contains spoilers.

Originally published in 1902, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” written by Beatrix Potter remains to be a popular bedtime story, that teaches valuable lessons.

“Peter Rabbit” is a slapstick comedy that follows the story of Peter and his three sisters: Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail, and their feud with Thomas MacGregor, an employee at Harrod’s Toy Shop in London, over the coveted vegetable garden and the affection of the rabbit friendly neighbor, Bea.

In addition, Sony Pictures uses modern animation technology like computer generated imagery to illustrate the rebellious rabbits and the other critters in the forest. The animation in “Peter Rabbit” exceeds expectations, but it does not stay on the same theme in “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”.

Following its release, “Peter Rabbit” was ridiculed for a scene, in which one of Peter’s sister launches blackberries at Thomas in the hopes of causing an allergic reaction. This became particularly widespread on social media, hashtagged #boycottpeterrabbit. However, it is important to note that the fight goes both ways. For instance, Thomas electrifies the estate and plants explosives in the rabbits’ burrow.

The movie lacks witty remarks and sarcastic comments that can be used to entertain older viewers, but does provide humor for younger movie goers through a series of pranks, and fights.

By the end of the movie, the rabbits’ burrow had been destroyed, along with Bea’s studio, and Thomas had moved back to London and got his old job back at Harrod’s. However, Peter and his motley crew travel to London from England’s Lake District to restore the friendship between Bea and Thomas. In doing so, the rabbits made peace with MacGregor and taught the viewers an important lesson.

Despite criticisms, “Peter Rabbit” is still entertaining. Firstly, the movie succeeded in incorporating computer generated imagery to revitalize the traditional bedtime story. Coupled with the contemporary technology, the humorous fights provided much needed comedic relief, however the movie was crucified on social media particularly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.




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