Among all the sights and smells of the Florida State fair, one may argue that the most iconic factor that keeps patrons coming back year after year is the food. From footlong corn dogs to bacon on a stick, to just about fried everything, the fair is one of the only places where customers can partake in some of the most interesting, albeit questionable unhealthy meals.

One of the more recognizable delicacies available are fried Oreos, a classic food item for any fair loving customer to enjoy. Each cookie is deep fried in dough and topped with powdered sugar, offering a sweet chocolaty crunch with each bite. It is recommended to eat them while they’re still warm, because if the cookies are left out too long the fried dough outside of each of them get to be a little too hard and distract from the overall taste, but when eaten fresh they taste delicious.

But the fried fun doesn’t stop there, there’s a plethora of fried goodies to enjoy such as candy bars, pickles, uncrustables, Pepsi and even strawberry Pop Tarts. Each fried item has a similar issue to the Oreos, but overall the fried dough works well with some items and not so much for others. For example, for fried Pop Tarts, the taste of the dough seemed to over power the taste of the pastry inside, making it taste like eating a flavored funnel cake at times.

Another slight issue, especially with any fried sweet treat is the addition of powdered, sugar, for while it does add a hearty dose of sweetness to whichever pastry being eaten, it ultimately gets everywhere if not eaten with caution, resulting in a large powdery mess that can be difficult to clean up. If  someone is considering taking any food on the go, the powdered sugar has a large potential to make an even larger mess all over the seats of someone’s car, so proceed with caution.

Overall, the quality of the food does range from item to item, but all the unique and outlandish food items have become such an integral part of the entire fair-going experience that the experience alone is worth the price.



Joey Menendez // Editor-in-Chief

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