On Jan. 30, the Steinbrenner girls basketball team played against Alonso in their last home game of the season. While the game ended in a loss for the Lady Warriors, they were still able to play hard and make some good plays.

In the first half, the Lady Warriors put up a strong defense against the Ravens, while also scoring multiple points. Junior Sara O’Brien played strong for the Lady Warriors, as did senior Jazmine Rodriguez, who both scored points for their team.

In the second half, things looked better for the Lady Warriors. The tide began to shift in favor of the Lady Warriors after O’Brien scored a three pointer, and senior Ashleigh Ingram scored an additional two points afterwards. Slowly, the Lady Warriors began to increase their score. 

In the final quarter, sophomore Lexi Wingerter scored a 3 point shot. It was an important moment for the Lady Warriors. However, though Steinbrenner improved their deficit, they were unable to catch up to Alonso. To end the game, Ashley Stevens was able to block a shot by the Ravens, but was only able to minimize the amount of points the Warriors lost by. The final score of the game was a 66-29 loss for the Lady Warriors.

“I think we need to improve our teamwork because teamwork lets teams win games. It can’t always be one person…we all played great this season …every single person made basketball a great experience, and I can’t wait for senior year to play,” said junior Kiki Stegman.

Although they lost, the game showcased the individual talents of the Lady Warriors, with a few stars who stood out.


Sadie Testa-Secca // Co-News Editor

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