Warning: contains spoilers. 

On Jan. 26, the third and final installment in the Maze Runner series, “Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” came to theaters. The long awaited film, which was supposed to be released a year earlier, was a satisfying end to the series that started four years ago during the trend of young adult dystopian films like “Divergent” and “The Hunger Games.”

The film follows Thomas and his friends on their journey to rescue their friend Minho from WCKD, the organization responsible for the testing of teenagers in search of a cure for the “Flare,” the deadly disease that has almost completely wiped out the entire human race. Situated within one of the last cities safe from the disease, WCKD is on the verge of a breakthrough in finding a cure. However, with time running out, and Thomas and his friends attempting a rescue mission to save their test subjects, WCKD may only have one more chance to finally discover the cure to the Flare. In this two hour long cinematic success, Thomas and his companions immerse on one last adventure to save their friend, and discover the secrets to their lives and the death cure along the way.

One of the best parts of the movie was the consistency of the film with the others in the series. The movie’s events started right where the second movie left off, where Minho was captured and Thomas was creating a plan to rescue him. This allowed for the audience to remember what happened in the other movies easier, and reconnect with the flow and style of the movie almost instantly. The movies also did a good job of keeping consistency with the characters. Since the characters in the series were very likable, it was nice to see that they had all stayed the same way from the previous movie. Not only did the cast seem to fit the role of each character really well, the characters in the movie all shared likable personalities that made watching the movie more enjoyable.

Other elements that played a role in shaping the movie was the constant action and suspense throughout the whole movie. The flow of the movie was developed well enough so that it was able to be fast-paced and suspenseful, while at the same time not seeming rushed. The movie truly kept viewers on the edge of their seat the whole time, and was not without a couple of plot twists.

Overall, “Mazerunner: The Death Cure” scores a 10/10. There wasn’t anything significantly wrong with the movie, and in terms of what fans were expecting as well as staying true to the series as a whole, it couldn’t have been made any better.





Nicholas Sowell // Co-Sports Editor

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