“Dragon Ball FighterZ,” the next game in the extremely popular “Dragonball Z fighting franchise, takes the series back to the classic fighting game formula, introducing fast-paced combos and impressive special attacks that make this entry one of the finest in years.

With an impressive roster of 24 characters, “Dragonball FighterZ” includes a diverse mix of fighters from both the “Dragonball Z” and “Dragonball Super” variations of the anime, as well as an all new character exclusive to the game’s original story from the main campaign mode with the promise of more to come in future DLC. Each character feels unique and fresh, as each fighter has their own special moves and combo abilities, allowing the player to use each of their strengths and weaknesses to their advantage. For example, characters may be more skilled with ranged Ki blast attacks and others may be more skilled with closer physical attacks, while larger characters like Fat Buu or Android 16 are a little slower but deal more damage than smaller and quicker characters like Gohan or Kid Buu. The story in the single player campaign may seem a little lackluster at times, but it is worth appreciating the developer’s originality rather than receiving yet another by the books adaptation of the same story told millions of times already.

From a graphical standpoint, “Dragonball FighterZ’s” style is the most similar to the anime as each character, both old and new, look as if they were pulled straight from the series in full glorious HD. As opposed to the recent style of 3D open arena fighting seen in previous titles such as “Dragonball Raging Blast” or “Dragon Ball Xenoverse,” “Dragon Ball FighterZ” plays as a side-scrolling fighting platform seen in many popular modern fighting games like “Street Fighter V” or the “Injustice” series, but doesn’t play in full 3D, instead utilizing an interesting combination of both 2D and 3D character models and landscapes. Those familiar to this style will feel right at home, as combos are easy to land and chaining together certain moves can lead to devastating finishes. The combat is incredibly fast and fluid, staying true to it’s source material with each character’s iconic abilities appearing flashier and more destructive than ever before.

Overall, “Dragonball FighterZ” is not just one of the best “Dragonball” games, but one of the best fighting games to come out in recent memory and is a perfect fighting experience for not just fans of the series, but fans of fighting games in general.




Joey Menendez  //  Editor-in-Chief

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