A relatively new band has been gaining popularity in the Tampa Bay area. Pop-rock and alternative band The Raine began forming in August and has already gained a lot of support among teens and young adults. The band members include guitarists Paris Stanley and Devyn Dacus, drummer Nakaya Westbrooks, and singer Talia Girvin. The bandmates attend local high schools with Stanley at Sickles, Girvin and Westbrooks at Blake, and Dacus here at Steinbrenner.

“Paris and I had already known each other through other bands that we had been in, but our manager found Talia and Nakaya at Blake and we formed together at Jim Chambers Music Box,” said Dacus.

Jim Chambers Music Box is a Tampa based music academy which offers a course on band formation and helps new bands get started. The Raine plays about one show per month which varies depending on what is going on in the Tampa music scene.

“I’ve had a great experience, we’ve played five shows now and each one is more fun than the next,” said Dacus.

The Raine got a chance to play at the Big Hug Fest at Tropicana Field on Jan. 21 as well as on radio station WMNF’s live music showcase. At the moment, they play at local Tampa bars.

“Music is something that’s been a big part of my life and a few years ago there was an opportunity for me to join a band, and creating music with a group of people is so exciting and therapeutic,” said Dacus.

The members of The Raine want to have a good time with the audience as well as with themselves. This fun attitude towards their passion shows in their stage presence and how they work together as a band. The Raine has received a lot of support for their music and their positive attitudes.

“People have been receiving it [our music] well, we have supporters that come out to every show and sing along,” said Dacus.

In the future, The Raine plans on writing and recording more songs and continuing to play shows in the area.



Maeve Campbell // Graphics Dept.

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