On Jan. 23, the Girls Varsity Basketball Team went up against Leto High School, winning the game 67-30. It was the teams senior night, and four players were given a moment during half time to go onto the court and receive a round of applause from the crowd. The four seniors were Ashleigh Ingram, Emma Wilson, Jazmine Rodrigues, and Hope Bigler.

As for the game, there was a clear winner. Steinbrenner was able to keep Leto on their toes during the duration of the game. One notable player was Jazmine Rodriguez, who scored a total of 17 points by the end of the game. Another notable player was Ashleigh Ingram, who scored the most free throws by the end of the game as well. Both of these players were among the four seniors who were recognized. The first quarter was an especially impressive display, with Steinbrenner scoring 20 points. The players performance started to slowly decline after the first quarter, but they still managed to score a consistent 14 points for both the second and third quarter. They came back in the fourth quarter, though, and managed to push through the rest of the game to bring home a victory for Steinbrenner.

Though Leto played strong too, they fell short on defeating Steinbrenner. This was mostly due to lack of passing and focus during the game. They also struggled with coordination and listening to their coach, which led to them only being able to put up a score of 30 points.

The next Steinbrenner Girls Varsity Basketball game will be against Alonso on Jan. 30 at 6:15 p.m. If the Varsity players stay confident, they might succeed in getting another win.


Julia Peralta // Graphics Dept. 

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