On Dec. 15, the Steinbrenner Girls Varsity Soccer Team went up against the Wiregrass Ranch Bulls at 6 in the evening for a home game. After facing a three game losing streak,and the only three losses of the season, the girls were able to come away with a win. After a long and slow first half, they were able to score two goals and beat the Bulls 2-0, ending their losing streak.

Th first half of the game started off slow and redundant, with no major highlights. Finally, after a long first half with no score, the Steinbrenner girls were able to score with 30 minutes left in the second half.

Once they scored, the girls came back with yet another goal. Senior Haley Hernandez received a through ball and dribbled down the field on a break away. While the goal tender came out of the box, Haley was patient and smart enough to wait to touch the ball to the side instead of shooting, leaving a wide open net. She scored, making the second and final goal of the game. The girls came off the field with a winning score of 2-0, and an end to their losing streak.

The team thought that overall, they played well. They tried out a new formation, or the arrangement of the players on the field, and though they’re still working on it, they thought it worked. ” We played pretty good, because we were able to pass the ball and connect passes together,” said Maggie Blevins.

However, though the team was able to come back from their losing streak with a new formation and good game, they still could’ve played better. “We could’ve connected more passes and talked on the field,” said Blevins. She wasn’t the only one who thought the team could’ve talked more. “We could’ve communicated better and switched the field more,” said Angelica Cuffaro.

Though the game was slow in the beginning and there were still improvements to be made, the Steinbrenner Varsity Girls Soccer Team was able to work together and end their losing streak.

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