Warning: Contains major plot spoilers.


This season on the CW, the channel’s four DC shows had a huge crossover event, where they all teamed up to defeat invaders from another Earth. While they all originally were together for Barry and Iris’s wedding, they had to put that on hold to save the planet.

The first episode brought many surprises, as viewers found out about the fifty-third Earth, called Earth X. The main difference between the two earths is that on Earth X, the Nazis won World War II, and still rule to this day.

A major aspect of the crossover was seeing the dark versions of all the characters. This included Kara and Oliver, who were weirdly married and were intent on taking Supergirl’s heart, and the Flash, who was Reverse Flash, and had Well’s face. This provided a clever way to sneak around on Earth X, and also sense of confusion, when the characters found out about it.

Most Flash fans were super excited to see Barry and Iris finally tie the knot after four seasons. Although there were a few hitches, like Felicity saying that she didn’t want to marry Oliver, the wedding was going smoothly until the Nazi invaders crashed it, completely derailing the ceremony. This fight scene was incredible, as the audience got to see all the main heroes from the different teams fighting together.

One of the other things that many fans are buzzing about at from the attempted wedding was a mysterious woman who came up to Barry right before the ceremony and seemed very excited to see it take place. While this hasn’t been confirmed, many fans are theorizing that the woman is Barry and Iris’s daughter from the future based on both her looks and her behavior.

One of the best parts of the crossover for many fans, was that almost every character played a part, unlike in last year’s crossover which gave small roles to the rest of the team, and focused on the main characters more. Many fans were elated to see the return of Snart, or Captain Cold, in the last two episodes. Although he isn’t the same Snart , rather an Earth X doppelg√§nger, he still assists the team by helping the team find their way back home when they were taken to Earth X. In the finale, Snart doesn’t go back home, but says he wants to stick around for bit on Earth one, so it should be interesting to see what the future holds for him.

There were few dry eyes from fans in the finale, after a heartfelt scene between Jax and Dr. Stein, in his last few moments before his death. Although his passing was tragic, the heroes were able to channel their grief, and use it as motivation to not let him die in vain, and defeat the invaders. The finale also had a funeral ceremony for Stein, that tugged the heartstrings of everyone watching, as his friends and family said their goodbyes.

At the very end of the finale, Iris and Barry decide that they want to elope, so that they can finally be legally married without any risk of Nazi invaders or anything of that sort. With Felicity and Oliver by their side and Diggle officiating the marriage, they are finally able to make it official. However, they weren’t the only ones who got married, because after Barry and Iris exchange vows, Felicity decides she wants to just marry Oliver right then and there, even though earlier in the episode she was adamant that she didn’t want to get married. The whole scene was very exciting for fans, and the spontaneity of the weddings only fueled the excitement as some of the shows’ favorite couples tied the knot.

From the humor brought on by the clever one-liners, to the heartfelt moments in the weddings, the amazing fight scenes all throughout the four episodes, and even the sadness of Stein’s death, the crossover was able to make the audience feel every emotion, and really set the bar for the future crossovers.



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