On Nov. 9,  the Steinbrenner Girls Varsity Soccer team faced off against Leto High School, winning the game by a score of 8-0. Haley Hernandez scored a hat-trick, which is when a player scores three goals in a game, Madison McElhone two goals, and Alyssa Alarcon, Payton David, and Hannah O’Conner each one goal. The game was a mercy rule, that ended about halfway through the game, which gave the girls a chance to practice formations and passing.

The game appeared to be very much one-sided, with the Warriors maintaining possession of the ball until there was an opportunity to score a goal.

“It’s for them to gain muscle memory while on the field. When they’re up against tougher opponents, they’ll be able to know where each other should be in formation and making passes.” said Girl’s Varsity Soccer Coach Shannon Scott.

Another strategy used in the game was the flip throw, a throw that requires coordination, endurance, and flexibility, performed while doing a throw in. They hold the ball in their hands over their head, swing their body down, have their hands and the ball on the ground, and flip in order to gain more momentum to propel the throw-in past the defenders.

Out of the entire Steinbrenner Girl’s Varsity Soccer team, only two athletes know how to perform this, but during this game, it was done by Ashlyn Ludovici.

Though it was a great victory, sacrifices must be made. During practice, goalie Mackaylin Card had her middle finger jammed while when she was saving a ball that another player went in to kick. One of the sports medicine staff members concluded that her finger was fractured and she was not able to participate in the on-going game.

The girls hope to continue their success on Nov. 17, where they will play King High School.



Julia Peralta // Graphics Department 

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