On Friday the 17th the Steinbrenner Warriors and the King Lions faced off, resulting in a tied game of 1-1. Overall the Steinbrenner Boy’s Soccer Team played relatively well, however they lacked the ability to pass the ball to each other effectively. As a result, they tied the game against the King Lions, a non-conference opponent.

The King Lions first scored against the Steinbrenner Warriors on a counter attack. Eventually, Adam Rowan sophomore was able to score goal in response.

The Steinbrenner Boys are 2-1-1. Their next opponent after Fall Break is the Strawberry Crest Charger, which are 1-0-1.

After the boys finished playing, the Steinbrenner Girls Soccer Team came in a cleaned up their mess. By imposing the mercy rule upon the King Lions.  This would be the third time that the Warriors have implemented the mercy rule in this season.

The Steinbrenner Girl’s Varsity Soccer Team played effectively in order to defeat their non-conference opponent, the King Lions.

For the majority of the game, they maintained possesion of the ball, however a few times the Lions posed a threat on counter attacks.

After last game’s injury, the Steinbrenner Girl’s Goalie, Mackaylin Card performed against King High School, by not allowing the King Girl’s Soccer Team to score a goal.

So far, the Girl’s Soccer Team remains undefeated and is preparing for their next game against the Strawberry Crest Chargers.



James Cook // Co-Sports Edito

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