When many people think of vegetarian meat substitutes like tofu, they are absolutely disgusted. However the Ciccio Restaurant Group was able to compose a collection of ingredients that rival even hamburgers. They call it the Impossible Burger.

The Impossible Burger contains wheat, potato protein, coconut oil fat, and heme, which is an ingredient found in most living things, and gives it that savory meaty flavor. To give it an extra kick, the restaurant has used the Impossible Burger’s patty to make the Tampa Cuban Burger.

The Tampa Cuban Burger has melted swiss cheese, sliced pickles, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and is topped of with a sensational mustard aioli on a freshly toasted bun.

However,the burger at Ciccio Cali and the Lodge, the Lodge overcooked the burger, which made the wheat used more pronounced, otherwise the burger was good.

Daily Eats, Ciccio Cali, the Lodge, the Better Byrd, and Fresh Kitchen are the only locations where one can find the Impossible Burger in Florida.

The Impossible Burger was judged the based on presentation, taste, and how it lived up to the hype on a scale from 1 to 10.  It was presented well and was customized to the Tampa Bay Area by incorporating the qualities of the traditional Cuban sandwich. Furthermore, it tasted phenomenal and surprisingly also had good texture for the most part. This is any vegetarian’s dream: a vegetarian burger that finally tastes decent.

The Impossible Burger was intriguing concept and was well-executed by the Ciccio Restaraunt Group.




James Cook // Co-Sports Editor


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