The limited edition Mystery Oreo was released as a brand promotion for cookie lovers everywhere to submit their guess as to what the mystery flavor is for a chance to win 50,000 dollars. While the cookie tastes exactly the same as a regular Oreo, the cream filling seems to have been overly sweetened in order to make the flavor stronger, resulting in a headache-inducing and unfortunately addicting creation that has left tasters with a solid guess.

The cream has an oddly familiar flavor, reminding many of their childhood favorite cereal: Fruit Loops or Fruity Pebbles. Some Oracle staffers argued that the cream had hints of orange, Key lime pie, and even Snicker-doodle, but they may be the only ones who taste these flavors as the majority of participants across the Internet have come to a unanimous decision of the taste, especially due to the cookie’s strong aroma.

Watch the YouTube video above to see what the Oracle staff thinks of the limited edition cookie’s flavor.



Katelyn Payne // A&E and Copy Editor

Doreen Coreen // Co-A&E Editor and Social Media Director

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