“Studyblr” is a community that made its start on the social media site, Tumblr. A combination of the words “study” and “Tumblr,” is exactly what its name implies: a community banded together in a shared love of academics and studying.

This love for studying is usually showcased in aesthetically pleasing notes. Whether it be Cornell notes, a mind map, or some hybrid style that someone has made up to meet their preferences, a person in the Studyblr community will dazzle it up in any way they can. Typical methods include using a lot of color (this can be achieved through highlighters, markers, etc.), mixing up fonts, and perfecting any diagrams or graphs with lines so straight you are left envious of their master over the ruler’s edge.

Kaitlin Burkhart, a junior who has been following the community for about six months now, loves the Studyblr aesthetic, and has been taking inspiration to make her own notes look aesthetically better.

“I see it and I’ll try to apply it to my own notes,” said Burkhart.

Students who take classes that are reliant on textbook readings are finding ways to make the arduous process of note taking at least somewhat more bearable. If they have to take the notes for the practical purpose of studying, making them aesthetically pleasing as well adds a bit of fun in the otherwise boring process. For this reason aesthetically pleasing notes have been picking up at Steinbrenner.

“It makes taking notes fun and less of a struggle,” said Burkhart.

On the flip side, the online Studyblr community has been booming with beautiful notes. There is never any lack of content for viewers like Burkhart. While there may be other things that the community provides, such as links to websites that provide information to a specific course, SAT/ACT advice, and college advice and links for incoming freshmen, at the heart of the community it is still all about the aesthetic.



Aliya Leary // Staff Writer



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