The new iPhone 8 offers a sleek design, a longer battery life, wireless charging, IOS 11, dual camera, and a bigger price tag.

This generation of iPhones uses wireless charging which allows the user to place the device on a pad in order to charge. However, the design had to be altered to include glass on the back which can be costly if it breaks.

The dual camera is explicitly on the iPhone 8 plus which allows for more precision, accuracy, and pixels when taking photos. On the other hand, the iPhone 8 also has a new and improved camera, but the camera does not offer the same quality as the iPhone 8.

The new operating system, IOS 11 brought along major changes in the software in all iPhones. Not only did it create a more convenient pull-up screen, but also eliminated a feature which allowed you hold down on your left screen edge to close tabs from your phone.

The iPhone 8 is one of the most expensive phones on the market, at$699 for the iPhone 8 and $799 for the iPhone 8 plus, but prices can be reduced by your carrier or Apple by enrolling in their program called Apple Care, which allows customers to pay $450 dollars as compared to the new annual iPhones.

Per usual with this new generation of iPhones, they charge quickly and hold a charge longer.

The iPhone 8 like the iPhone 7 does not have the headphone jack but requires a lighting dongle, to allow for the use of headphones, or earbuds.  I previously mentioned the iPhone 8 has an all-glass screen, however, it is only offered in three colors: space grey, silver, and rose gold. While the iPhone 7 had a plethora of choices ranging from a dynamic red and a black.

Many news outlets have said iPhone 8 sales are down compared to the release of other iPhones (which is true), however, they are selling at a stable rate instead of being bought all at once. Many predict that people are waiting for the arrival of the iPhone X.

Overall, the iPhone 8 did not usher in much ground-breaking, however, the much anticipated iPhone X will include new features such as Face ID, an all-glass screen, etc. The iPhone X was made to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the iPhone which was created by Steve Jobs in 2007.



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