Serving as director Michael Bay’s second attempt at bringing a historical event to the big screen, 13 Hours retells the story of six soldiers who fought back against terrorist attacks on an American diplomatic compound in the city of Benghazi. While previous Bay films have been less than satisfactory, and his previous vision of Pearl Harbor received criticism for things such as its unnecessary love story and even historical inaccuracies, this latest adaptation is actually quite an enjoyable experience.

With a surprising performance from The Office’s John Krasinski, 13 Hours proves that Bay has the ability to produce decent films without focusing too much on visuals. The action is gritty and realistic, allowing this movie to be grounded in reality and put the viewer in the middle of this war.

There still are a large amount of Bay’s tropes scattered throughout: many of his trademarked explosions and bits of awkward humor thrown in at really bad moments. The plot may be standard one, featuring a group of underdogs overcoming seemingly impossible odds, and while it does take a little while to get going, the movie still manages to keep you invested in these characters and knows when to introduce action sequences in order keep the viewers interested.

Overall, 13 Hours showcases Michael Bay’s best and worst qualities, but the good slightly outweighs the bad and delivers a movie that turned out to be better than previously expected. 


Joey Menendez // Print Sports Editor

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