Daredevil is quite the contrast to the Avengers. Dark, gritty and graphic, this show gives Marvel a whole new side. We follow the story of Matt Murdock, a blind attorney lawyer, who after many years, grows tired of the corrupt system that has taken over the city where he lives. Using his incredibly heightened senses, which he gained after an accident that robbed him of his ability to see, Murdock roams the streets as Daredevil. He quickly learns that the problems in his home town run much deeper than he originally thought they did. Beautifully filmed and directed, Daredevil is a fan pleaser. The best part is most definitely the villains; very real characters who aren’t portrayed as simple ‘monsters.’ They appear just as ordinary people, someone that you would pass by on the street or at the mall, giving the show some of its dark nature. Overall, Daredevil is a quality show with wonderful characters, beautiful cinematography, and storyline.


Nathaly Melgar // Graphics Editor

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