Nintendo released the New 3DS in Japan on October 11th 2014, and the system was recently released in North America on February 13th 2015. However only the XL version is available in America while both the normal size and XL are available in other countries, Nintendo’s only reason being a “clear distinction between models”. Despite this disappointing aspect, it’s beyond the consumer’s control at this stage and the only real difference is size and interchangeable face plates (XL is larger but doesn’t have interchangeable plates).

But don’t give up on the system just because only one version is available, the New 3DS XL not only feels and looks different but it also holds new features. The XL features ZL and ZR buttons for more precise controls along with an additional circle pad to control the camera, used in games like Majora’s Mask. Speaking of the camera, the XL takes higher quality pictures and with 3D tracking turning the DS doesn’t change the 3D effects. The most prominent feature is a more powerful CPU that makes for faster downloading and processing speed, boasting faster internet speed and gaining the ability to watch videos on the browser. In this regard the new 3DS XL is a faster more powerful unit that seems essential to any Nintendo fan, with colorful buttons that draw in any potential buyers.

The most common reason for buying a new system is if the old one goes out of commission, when the DS came out the game boy was obsolete, and when the 3DS came out it was a better option than the DS. Yet in this case many Nintendo gamers are still asking themselves, “why buy”? There aren’t any games in the near future that require the new system and unless you’ve been particularly reckless with your 3DS, it’s not broken yet, those who bought a 3DS XL aren’t exactly keen to drop $200 on an idea that isn’t as “new” as markets project. The system changed the layout of buttons that seemed functional. The game cartridge slot and stylus slot are on the bottom of the system and the start/select buttons moved back to the side of the game like the DS. The most drastic change is the location of the SD card. The new 3DS allows users to move any pictures or data to a computer wirelessly, sounds great until you realize you need a screwdriver to remove the cartridge. So despite all the handy features the new 3DS might remain on the shelf for a while and act as a better buy for those who don’t have a 3DS at all or never got an XL.

The new 3DS looks great in stores but upon further inspection its disadvantages become clear, ultimately the purchase is up to the players.

Rating: 5/10

Logan Conrad Chief Copyeditor

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