Those with aspirations of one day succeeding in the military can be almost certain of reaching their goals with an admittance letter to West Point. So for Steinbrenner senior Brandon Johnson, receiving one of his very own this past month was one of the greatest honors the avid ROTC student could have hoped for.

Senior Brandon Johnson dressed in his ROTC uniform. Students in the program are expected to done their uniforms each Thursday.
Senior Brandon Johnson dressed in his ROTC uniform. Students in the program are expected to done their uniforms each Thursday.

Having come from a family with a strong background in the army, Johnson has grown up practically immersed in military influence. However, it was not until his junior year that the up and coming West Point student decided to pursue a military path.

“I decided in my junior year of high school that I wanted to do something more than just sports. It hasn’t been a lifelong goal but it has been one of the biggest accomplishments I’ve ever had. Getting to go to college for free and getting paid to go to college is just a blessing,” said Johnson.

With West Point’s board of admissions granting acceptance to just nine percent of those whom apply, Johnson’s admittance is a blessing indeed. Not to mention, those selected for admissions receive a fully paid college education. The esteemed university naturally has famous alumni, with former president Dwight D. Eisenhower having been a member of the class of 1915 amongst a slew of other prominent military commanders.

While there, Johnson plans to improve himself physically as well as mentally and aspires to go into the field of intelligence.

“Following college, I want to make the military my career,” said Johnson.

One of the most helpful tools however in preparing Johnson for West Point has been his positive experience with Steinbrenner’s ROTC program.

“The biggest thing I have taken away from ROTC would be the leadership principals. It will be a crucial part of life at West Point because I will have to use the principals every day. I will also have to use them in the future with the military career and job I hold,” said Johnson.

ROTC focuses on teaching students not only the history of the country’s military, but also proper cadet training and accountability. Those in the class are expected to dress professionally every Thursday, which the program feels enforces responsibility and leadership.

With his senior year of high school gradually coming to a close, Johnson can put his mind at ease knowing he’s not only guaranteed a college education, but one of the most prestigious and acclaimed in the country.

Hannah Crosby/News Editor

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