Students of all grade levels performed in the annual Talent Show on January 30th, eager to show off their unique acts. From singing to playing the piano blindfolded, this year’s Talent Show was very entertaining to watch.

The the very deserving winners of this night were:

  • 1st place: Ricardo Morales and Jacob Hales – Mother Tongue

    Ricardo Morales and Jacob Hales won first place with their original song, "Mother Tongue".
    Ricardo Morales and Jacob Hales won first place with their original song, “Mother Tongue”.
  • 2nd place: Caroline Meisner – Tap Dance
  • 3rd place: Daniella Trujillo – Oh Momma

Ricardo Morales and Jacob Hales stole the spotlight even though they were the last act, capturing first place and a lot of enthusiasm from the crowd with their original song, “Mother Tongue”. In second place was Caroline Mesiner, “the girl with the shining feet”, who performed an amazing tap dance. Daniella Trujillo won critic’s choice with her stunning performance of “Oh Momma”.

The following is The Oracle’s Top 5 (not including winners)

  • Owen Dee – My Way
  • CJ Freedman – Blindfolded Piano
  • Olivia Craparo – Warrior
  • Ashton Tejeda – 12 Feet Deep
  • Ben Splett – Say My Name (Drums)
Owen Dee performed “My Way” by Frank Sinatra.
Ashton Tejeda ruled the stage performing “12 Feet Deep”.

Owen Dee’s cover of “My Way” was most impressive. His voice was strong and captured Frank Sinatra’s voice wonderfully, which is a very challenging thing to do. Another talent worth noticing was CJ Freedman who played the piano. Freedman was blindfolded during the entire performance, making this a feat worth noticing. He did an amazing job and must’ve spent a lot of time perfecting his ability to perform something like that in front of a crowd. Olivia Craparo’s cover of “Warrior” was yet another singing performance that was strong and very well done. Seeing as she’s a sophomore, that voice will take her places, maybe even placing next year in the Talent Show. Ashton Tejeda sang an acoustic cover of 12 Feet Deep. Their talented voice and guitar skills, easily put them on our top 5. Their voice was a perfect fit for the song and accompanied their guitar nicely. Last but certainly not least, Ben Splett performed “Say My Name” without saying a word. Taking a spin on covers, Splett performed the song on the drums and did an outstanding job. He was the only performance on the drums which made his act unique and a great opening act to the show.

Thank you to Lindsay Warfield-Painter, head of the drama department, for hosting Steinbrenner’s Talent show. An incredibly entertaining night full of undeniable talent. We applaud all the performances of the night and congratulations to the winners!

Nathaly Melgar / Head of Graphics & Hannah Makholm / Graphics Dept.


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