Ello is a new social media platform that aims to provide a totally advertiser-free experience. That means no advertisements on the page, which is nice, but most importantly, Ello will not, under any circumstance, sell user data to advertisers. Users retain full rights to anything they post to Ello, and never have to give up any information other than an email address. Users can sign up for Ello through invitation only, as it is still in its beta stages. Invitations can be received through referral by an existing user, or by entering one’s email address to apply directly for an invite. Ello uses a simplistic design, and intends to give a sleek, streamlined social media experience. One can post images, text, videos, etc., visible to everyone who follows you. The people you follow can be sorted into two categories, which can be viewed separately. The “Friends” category is designated to users who you want to see the most of: the select few who you’d be more likely to be actual friends with. The “Noise” category is for everyone else. Noise posts are condensed into a fluid grid, allowing more posts to be shown at once, while posts from friends are displayed in the standard fashion of a one-by-one newsfeed.

Ello can be accessed at ello.co

Luke Hellman // Wed Editor

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