In the competitive world of students today, everyone is trying to get ahead of the rest. The two best available programs for doing so are IB and AP but the question is which is better than the other.
The IB program is set up differently from the AP program in that it is also offered at elementary and middle school levels, so that students can begin from a young age. It is more directed towards the application of subjects, requiring extensive research papers and six disciplinary courses.

Senior Kelsy Hobert st
Senior Kelsy Hobert takes her AP European history test. Kelsy has been in AP classes all four years of high school.

AP stands for Advanced Placement courses. Students can select to take these classes at their high schools. They challenge the students with first year of college course work. There are national exams held every May and if the student passes, they receive college credit.
The AP program has been criticized for being too focused on the course finals, and not enough on students retaining the information. AP classes also do not require as much of the students because they simply test memorization instead of application.

More selective colleges only give credit for “higher level” IB courses which students only take three of those per year. Potentially, an IB student could only receive three credits, all in a particular subject. An AP student on the other hand, can receive more than three credits in multiple subjects depending on exam scores.
When it comes to college admissions, they do not have a preference. They just want to see that you are taking the most rigorous courses available to you. If you want to get the most out of your courses however, go IB.

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