The Steinbrenner Warrior football team is back. With a new quarterback in the backfield, a young and talented group of wide receivers capable of making those big plays necessary to drive down the field, and an athletic, swift running back ready to charge into the end zone, they have displayed a new sense of Warrior firepower throughout the district.

Although the team is only 1-2 as they headed into their game against Tampa Bay Tech on September 26th, the teams abilities and hard work pays off in other categories. Quentin Poteralski, the senior quarterback with his first varsity role, as first stringer. He has a unique set of skills permitting him to be both a successful scrambling quarterback rushing for approximately 120 yards this season, but also being able to throw the long ball and passing for approximately 585 yards. And although Poteralski has thrown two interceptions, he makes up for it with his three touchdown passes and multiple big plays down the field and sack avoiding abilities.

But Poteralski isn’t alone on this talented squad as running back Jayquese Dantley has also picked up some of the slack alongside favorite receivers; Cody Burgess. Dantley has rushed for 240 yards and compiling for four touchdowns, and Burgess has 321 yards on only 12 receptions, averaging 27 yards a catch. And it’s because of Burgess’s ability to catch the long ball that Poteralski and Dantley are so successful at times. Both Dantley and Burgess have made some big time plays so far this season that have been crucial to the game.

But a team is more than just first downs and touchdowns. Teams need a strong defense too. Led by Bryce Jones and Andres Bautista, combining for a total of 60 tackles, the two veterans have made it their responsibility to pass on the success they have now so that this strong and clutch defense can stay a brutal and effective squad in future years.

Altogether, the Steinbrenner team which faces the same tough district every year has made it their point to become one of the best teams in the area with so many of the players on this squad graduating after this season. And head coach Andres Perez has led this team to where they are now with the assistance of a great coaching staff.

Vince Lombardi said “Football is like life — it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority”. The Warriors have shown nothing less of that if the small problems like the fumbles and turnovers can be fixed, I see Steinbrenner having a real shot to make it far this season. And that’s what I see “From the Mezzanine”.


Evan Abramson / Online Sports Editor

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