Not many viral videos impact charities, but the recent phenomena observed in the ALS Ice Bucket challenge has produced over “$100 million” for the ALS Association according to Forbes Magazine. In light of these figures, reports were spread through the Web raising questions as to where the money actually goes to.

Each state has their own chapters under the national Association, and our own Florida Chapter helps organize direct research and get patients the medical attention they need.

“75% of what we bring in goes to patient care,” said Alissa Gutierrez, the Director of Marketing at ALS Association Florida Chapter.

“We are part of a national organization (ALS Association) that has more overarching responsibilities,” said Gutierrez, “They manage the research fund and our national advocacy efforts, in trying to work with our elected officials to represent people with ALS.”

What separates the ALS Association from other charities is they are the largest non-profit dedicated solely to research and patient care for those with ALS.

Asides from the Ice Bucket Challenges, money was usually collected through charity walks, in the same vein as Relay for Life.

“We raise most of money throughout the year with our walks,” said Gutierrez,“We have six walks in cities across the state and then two Walks in the Box, which are smaller walks in Tallahassee and Ocala.”

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Anthony Campbell/Staff Writer

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