The college selection process can certainly be overwhelming to any student beginning their journey towards figuring out which school they wish to attend following high school. Initially, consideration is difficult enough, however the process of sending in student resumes and showcasing their grades and abilities can be a potentially much more daunting task.

Steinbrenner’s very own College Career Counselor Judy Pressley, would be the first to say otherwise.

“The most important thing is to not rush through it, because it is important that everything is done accurately,” said Pressley.

Pressley lists characteristics of a strong application, as colleges not only take a look at the academic merit allotted to class grades and test scores, but also essays, community service and search for the overall “well-rounded student”.

“If you could say one thing they look at, it’s GPA,” said Pressley.

“The main things we are going to review are the academic credentials,” said one UCF application admissions counselor Debra Watson. “Besides that, we suggest students submit any letters of recommendation… There’s also the option to the essay on the application.”

Optional essays, Watson brought up, are encouraged as they are able to exhibit more of the applicant’s character. It was stressed again that the “well-rounded student” is always sought after. Extracurricular activities placing students in leadership roles, or having teachers or those in charge of clubs involved in writing letters of recommendation is also a strong suggestion to present a unique and more inviting application.

“Check your status after you applied,” said Pressley. “Don’t take a chance everything is done, just make sure.”

She summarized the process will not cause nearly as many headaches as students might think, as long as they are on top of the ball and prepared. Taking these few little steps with some caution readies the applicant to face what isn’t as hard a fight as they may have previously thought.

Anthony Campbell // Staff Writer

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