For millenia, the Bible has been the embodiment of Christian law and principles. These principles, laws, and stories contain many metaphorical speeches and situations that have resolute plots. As a student, I believe that that the bible can and should be used for educational purposes because as a piece of literature, it contains ample metaphors and allusions that can expand student’s literary knowledge and abilities.

In the present, the Bible is interpreted both literally and metaphorically, while some do not believe in it or the religion it represents. But regardless of personal belief, as a piece of literature it can expand literary knowledge. Due to its vast amount of content, it may be even more effective than studying other forms of litereature.

For instance, the Bible depicts human perspective. All current literature consists of personal anecdotes and human perspective. From “Romeo and Juliet” to the Hunger Games series, it all comes down to the human sentience. While the Bible is one physical book, there are over 60 stories contained within it. Each of these stories follow different plots, characters, themes- all of them able to be individually analyzed.

The Bible contains ample allusions,  or references, to famous people, places, and events. Since the Bible is already an ancient piece of literature, the allusions in it date back even further. The Bible also contains, more than any other literary device, a wealth of metaphors. The Bible and Christian theology as a whole was based around metaphors, the point being to translate metaphorical statements into something that is tangible. There are more metaphors in the Bible than most books, making it a great tool for students to find examples within.

In addition, well-known writers of literature have even been influenced by the biblical writings. Authors have drawn from and referenced the bible in their works, even constructing their plot and characters to mirror biblical stories. Understanding the bible, which served as an inspiration of these authors, can help to understand their works.

The Bible is more than just the religous teachings of Christianity. It is a collection of many stories, each available to individual analysis, and is one of the largest available collections of metaphors, allusions, and other figurative language devices. It has left a legacy in the world of written communication and storytelling, and regardless of its role in religion, is too valuable to not be used as a tool for literary analysis.

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