Amid an ascending scale from a chiming orchestra comes “G I R L”‘s crisp first word, “different.” After rising from popular pop music producer to popular pop music sensation with 2013 hit “Blurred Lines”,  Pharrell Williams releases his second studio album. The album showcases an appreciation for early 80’s funk unlike I’ve ever seen before in modern music. For a few brief moments, I believed that Prince himself  somehow found his way onto the album. Smooth bass lines, tacky guitar riffs, and high male vocals piece together a fun and groovy bit of music that can make nearly anyone move.

William’s has his own sense of style which no one comes close to matching. From wearing zany hats to popular celebrity events to his sweet raspy voice telling greeting me good morning in “Brand New”. William’s just oozes charm throughout his whole album with help from artists like Alicia Keys, Daft Punk, and Justin Timberlake. Daft Punks adds their electronic supremacy to “Gust of Wind”, a relaxing cathodic tune that reminds listeners of Daft Punk’s own iconic album released in 2013 of which William’s himself influenced heavily. These two artists create magic together making “Gust of Wind” one of the best tracks on the album.Pharrell: Image annexed under the Fair Use principle.

Most American people have surely listened to the album’s one single “Happy (from Despicable Me 2)”. A repetitive anthem to the cheery feeling everyone desires. It get’s old fast and casts a shadow among the real stars on the album. “Lost Queen” also adds to William’s dedication and appreciation of his opposite gender featuring sharp vocals and unique drums.

One of my few complaints for the album is the  heavy auto-tune that Williams sometimes sprinkles on top of his perfect voice to zest up a few songs. It is unneeded and relatively unwelcome in my opinion.

Despite each track individually being nearly flawless, “G I R L” has niche appeal. Thrill seeking EDM fans will not enjoy “G I R L”‘s slow paced crawl of music among its trilling electronic notes and relaxed and chill groove fans will not love William’s own fast paced rapping and the albums  complete lack of guitar solos. “G I R L” isn’t an album you play on the way in to work or among friends,  its one you that you play whilst sharing an intimate experience with someone else,  or trying to create something as memorable as the album itself. 8.5/10

Alex Troutt/Staff Writer

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