The artistic community of Steinbrenner High school is coming together to bring to life a stain glass window with the school’s signature emblem of a warrior riding horseback whilst clutching the “Lamp of Knowledge” that is to be placed in the Media Center sometime before the culmination of the 3rd nine weeks.

“The  PTSA funded most of the supplies for the project  to take place,

This is essentially what the process of compiling a stain glass window looks like from a different stain glass project that AP Art teacher Ellison Miller currently has her students working on. Miller has been one of the main advisers overseeing the window to be installed in the media center.

” said AP Art teacher Ellison Miller.

From wire cutters to shards of glass, a total of 70 students are expected to execute this rapidly growing scheme.  The School Advisory Council (SAC) also gave credibility and support with several hundreds of dollars. Senior Penelope Mugford, junior Melissa Ferrin, and junior Karli Jahnigen founded the plan, allowing for its success with a few quick lessons in cutting, scoring, breaking, grinding, foiling, and soldering. The trio are managing to bring to life a vision that Miller persistently pushed for. Mugford described the process as not posing too much difficulty, but would indeed take time to do.

“It’s going to be great. These seniors, since most of these kids are seniors, will be leaving behind a legacy of a sort. It’s endearing to see that they care this much about their school and from the looks of how this is going, it’s bound to be great,” said Miller.

Visible from the front of the school near the top of the balcony, the prospective stain glass addition is expected to bring an artistic element to the media center, posing an interactive quality as well with students displaying some of their own creations within the window.

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