The Varsity Volleyball team has proven time after time that it is worthy of wearing our school colors.  After setting records such as a kills per set of 11.2 and making it to the state semi-finals, this group of talented athletes are creating a legacy that most other schools can only dream of approaching.

The five district championships already under their belt is just the start.   A  strong set of junior athletes  are  coming up next year and are likely to continue the Steinbrenner legacy of success.   I find it very difficult for any team, whether it’s in the county, city, or state to defeat them.  The way I see it, Gulf Coast, the victor in the semi –final match this year, was  just a tiny bit better than us. Or maybe we had an off day.  Regardless of the final result, this group of talented players, led by seniors Rachel Mathison and Casey McLean and juniors Avery Bradshaw and Lauren Heldt, took this team to their best season yet. They came closer to ultimate victory than any other group of athletes I have seen in the past three years of covering Steinbrenner sports. They have set standards for all future teams and players. .

Although I listed four of the 13 total players on the roster this year,  they were just examples of excellence. Every player on that team contributed to the success. Importantly, they displayed their leadership on and off the court. That’s what makes winners.

Credit also has to go to the leadership from new head coach Laura Stegenga. Under her direction, the team ended with a 24-5 record along with a 7-0 district record, practicing and playing hard and with real spirit.

Part of the spirit reflects the sideline banter of the hilarious Gold Crew which constantly supports the Warriors at numerous events.

NFL Champion head coach Vince Lombardi once said “It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.”  My belief is that the Warriors, having lost the state semi-final championship, will do just that: get up and move on to victory. With 10 of the 13 players having the opportunity to return next year, I see another fantastic year filled of fun, hard work, and great results.  My prediction is a state championship victory and that comes straight From The Mezzanine.


Evan Abramson/Senior staff writer    

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