Planning for college can be very stressful, which I’m sure is no surprise to many people at here at school.  SAT/ACT, GPA and just grades in general are enough for one person to worry about.  But the truth is, colleges also look at your class rank.  I believe this is completely pointless and a waste of time on their part.

Your class rank is calculated using your GPA. This also gives students who take harder classes, like honors and Advance Placement (AP) classes, a big advantage.  Some kids get straight A’s but their classes aren’t as challenging, so it’s almost as if their hard work is not rewarded. There is absolutely no reason these students should be denied the same consideration when applying for colleges because of their class rank.

Sophie Bocksnick / OracleIn addition, it can be hard to bring up your class rank in a very large class.  I know for me, as a junior, there are around 600 people in my class, and I don’t believe my class rank really shows my academic accomplishments or capabilities. Sure at 130 something I don’t feel like I have an awful rank, but I don’t want to feel like a college would look at my application, see my rank and rule me out. Even if I got straight A’s for the next year, my rank wouldn’t change very much because there are so many students who get similar grades and are taking similar or harder classes compared to me.

Luckily, colleges as a group are reporting to use class rank much less when accepting applicants.  A 2011 survey of member colleges by the National Association for College Admission Counseling found that among the admission factors that colleges use to evaluate its applicants, the one whose importance has decreased the most over time is class rank.  The percentage of colleges that rated it considerably important, the highest rating, fell from 42% in 1993 to 22% in 2010.

While the continuous battle for college acceptance rages on, the worthless class rank will continue to be used at our school. So although some people may feel it is not important, students should still work to keep a decent rank and try their hardest no matter what level of classes they are enrolled in.

Sophie Bocksnick/Staff Writer

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