The new animated princess flick Frozen lives up to its name as Queen Elsa turns the lovely summer-filled land of Arendelle into a new ice age with the point of a slender finger, but it doesn’t leave the audience with the warm fuzzies that Disney films usually provide. However, speaking as a Disney fanatic and princess encyclopedia, the film does stay true to Disney’s typical set story line for its young rulers (aside from the feisty Irish redhead, princess Merida).

Elsa and Anna both sang and danced in good princess fashion, followed the rules, and Anna even found love. Also staying true to Disney princess guide lines, the princesses lose their parents in a tragic accident. But it just has to much packed into the story line to make any of the relationships stick in audience’s mind and feel something for the characters. The sisters’ relationship starts out very good, but with Elsa’s withdrawal right at the start and very fast progression of Anna’s childhood, the warm touchy feelings of a true sister bond leave the audience feeling cold.

"Frozen" spurs up fresh ideas from Disney; the journey of an ice princess and her sister, true love (as always) being the resounding theme of the movie.
“Frozen” spurs up fresh ideas from Disney; the story of an ice princess, her sister, and quirky animated sidekicks, with true love standing as the resounding theme of the movie.

On Elsa’s 18th birthday and coronation,  Anna finds Hans, the youngest of 13 brothers, and a royal guest at the first festivities of the castle since Elsa first hurt Anna and had to hide her gift from her younger sister, after Anna’s memories were repressed by seemingly pointless yet recurring little boulder trolls. Anna and Hans have a very Romeo and Juliet relationship; they meet in the morning and wish to be wed by night fall. Anna, like a good little girl and sister, asks Elsa for her blessing, but when the elder girl refuses for the obvious reason Anna starts questioning her sister and pulls off her gloves that keep her powers in to some extent.

With her hands exposed to the world and her emotions running haywire, the townspeople and others royals from all over see what Elsa can do, call her a monster and run her off. Ice castle in the sky, living snowman, and scandalously clad in a dress made of ice, Elsa is now a free woman, able to see what she can really do with her icy powers.

Anna then goes off to bring her sister back so they can fight together. On her voyage she meets Kristoff, a rugged outdoors-man whose best friend is a reindeer. He watched the trolls and Anna the first time Elsa hit her with ice, he was also taken in by the trolls, whose involvement is still a mystery. An unexpected villain, a lonely heart learns to love: cue the chilling plot twist in “Frozen”.

Like in all princess movies, true love saves the day. But whose true love is it that will save Anna from her sisters magic yet again? Go see Disney’s “Frozen” to find out for yourself.

As a side note: the movie is filled with fun uplifting songs that will be stuck in viewers’ heads for a while after the credits roll, but the movie goes by incredibly fast. Score: 7/10

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