Senior Nick Nankovitch sits on the field after senior night. He has been on varsity since his sophomore year.

The football team had high expectations this year because they had a good group of underclassmen last year, the schedule got tougher but that’s no excuse says senior Nick Nankovitch.

“We just didn’t execute where we needed to execute, now we’re regaining that focus,” said Nankovitch. With a 3-5 record, the losses have begun to stack up. Some of the players are new but a good number have been on the team for four years. For the tenured players, the struggles this season have not shaped their whole experience.

“It’s made the four years enjoyable, made a lot of friends out of it and some great memories,” said four-year starting quarterback Curtis Fitch. The players have plans for the future in hopes of producing better results and setting an example for the other players on the team. Fitch said “I just hope it continues to be successful. I just hope for the best for it.”

What does the team have to say for itself only if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

“It’s disappointing…everyone puts in their best effort to make the season worthwhile…fighting to the end not giving up…otherwise it will all go to waste and were not going to let that happen,” said Nankovitch.  The attitude behind the team has not changed either. At the homecoming game, school spirit was on full display, with a capacity crowd. Not to mention the improvement in the recent weeks, from a 27-20 win at Wiregrass and a 17-15 win at Freedom things are looking up. The team still has a shot at the playoffs if the cookie crumbles well on Friday night.

“I just hope that all the underclassmen learn from I and the other seniors and they realize… don’t take it for granted play as hard as you can while you can,” said Nankovitch.


Logan Conrad / Staff Writer

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