“When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.”

For most proclaimed talents at Steinbrenner High school with dreams of one day fulfilling aspirations and becoming well known (or for many, just known at all), this simply worded quote is but a life moral. The music production club, sponsored by ceramics teacher Don Sizemore and founded by a few passionate students, is being offered for those students who want to learn or already love producing music.

Music Production Club members Steven Lewis (left) and Matthew Geier (right). With the help of Don Sizemore, both students started the club.
Music Production Club members Steven Lewis (left) and Matthew Geier (right). With the help of Don Sizemore, both students started the club.

For Sizemore, being a young musician and performing with an alternative band helped him grasp the passion for this field and led him to build a soundproof recording studio in his house. He was highly supportive in starting the club, claiming that it definitely had the potential to go far. “Mr. Wolf had a student in his class approach him, yet knew that I played music and sent the student to me to figure out what I could do for them,” said Sizemore. To any student, it’s always unexpected to find a teacher that seeks the same interests as them, and this club offers the opportunity to work alongside Sizemore and some already experienced peers (Matthew Geier, Steven Lewis, Samuel Pachon), and programs made for recording musical “works of art”.

“It’ll expand to each generation and find something new within the club, knowledge to knowledge,” said Geier, in hopes that the legacy of music production club will live on.

Music is one of, if not the, most competitive fields in the real world. Computer recording programs run anywhere from $90 to $500. This particular club would issue Reaper; a free recording program used by most amateurs on the rise in attempts to perfect what they have come to love and want others to hear.
“[This club] is a melting pot for kids who want to make music or learn how to in an open environment and become the best producer,” said Lewis. Lewis also specified that “Learning is key” and Pachon described the club as “an outlet for people who come from all walks of life”.

Club dues are still to be determined, and most equipment if not all will be supplied. Whoever has access to a computer or an interest in the music producing field is welcome. Be sure to meet with Matthew Geier, Samuel Pachon, or Steven Lewis if interested in entering the Music Production Club.

They meet on gold club days, and you can visit room 201 for more information.

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