After months of anticipation for Apple’s newly interfaced software, iOS 7 was finally released to the public last Wednesday, September 18th.

The all new design seems to closely resemble an Android’s, with the lock screen appearance and new navigation system. Approaches to animation and motion have created a sense of depth and zest. A whole new pallet of colors have been used to redesign the icons, in addition to a behind the scenes grid system to keep everything harmonious. Overall the iPhone seems whiter and brighter, especially through iMessage. Now even smarter, iMessage is capable of highlighting dates and times so you can simply click on them and immediately add events to your calendar.

iPhone users can expect drastic changes with iOS 7. iMessage is whiter and brighter, though still easy to use.
iMessage is just one example of iOS 7’s cleaner and brighter appearance.

Opening a new chapter for iOS, control center and airdrop are the two biggest improvements to the iPhone operating system. The control center is accessible by swiping the bottom of your screen upwards, and can be used at any time on your mobile device. This is a great way to quickly pull up common utilities you need in a matter of seconds. The new flashlight is probably the handiest while you can still adjust your brightness, turn Wi-Fi on or off, or hit “do not disturb”. Airdrop is included on devices beginning with the iPhone 5, which allows you to share anything in an even simpler form than email. All that’s necessary is the touch of a share button with someone nearby.

Multitasking lets you jump from app to app, and the new camera app lets you conveniently swipe from mode to mode. New filters are included and pictures can now be clustered by moments and collections. Siri is much more helpful and informative as Wikipedia and Twitter have been integrated within. iTunes radio is a great addition, more personalized the more often you listen, just like Pandora. You can create stations or listen to any of Apple’s constructed from the best selections of that specified genre.

Some neat little things left unknown is the use of a balance if you swipe to the left of the compass. If you balance it at 0 degrees the whole screen will turn green. Many people also are unaware of the ability to block specific people’s calls or texts, which can be adjusted in settings.

 An extremely helpful tip for those whose battery is draining immensely; follow these steps:

1) Go to “settings”

2)  Hit “general”

3)  Select “background app refresh”, and turn this option on.

Apple’s newest update may be completely new in looks, but its user-friendly mechanics make it instantly familiar, and after some warming up to, users will no doubt be able to appreciate all that iOS 7 has to offer.

Marissa Hibel / Staff Writer

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2 thoughts on “iOS 7: Completely Remodeled, Still User Friendly

  1. Although the iOS7 has many new options, it also malfuntions more frequently than iOS6. I find that you have to restart your phone to get it to work properly. iOS7 drains your battery up to 15% faster, which is a big deal since the iPhone isnt known for its long life span in the first place.

  2. I needed to know another tip on how to save my battery! This is a very informative article about a product I’ve come to rely on so much.

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