On May 15th,  nine SHS students completed their commitment to their respective colleges. The athletes included those from the soccer, track/cross country,  football, and volleyball.

From soccer, boy seniors Jason Collister (University of Tampa) and Enrique Barboto (Florida Gulf Coast)  are leaving the school with many accomplishments over the course of their careers at Steinbrenner under the coaching of Chad Ebright, including a state finals run.

Football players, Chander Phillips (Wingate University), Blaine Tucker (Avemaria University), Chris Harrison (Methodist University), and Jarrett Penzer (Ohio Wesleyan) will be leaving an improving team behind that finished 5-5 in their senior season, ending on a three game win streak.

For cross country/track,  Lauren Garris (University of West Tampa), and from volleyball Natalia Campos (Valdosta State University), both leave winning programs behind.

Evan Abramson/Staff Writer 

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