Surrealism is an art form of dislocating, juxtaposing, transforming and creating something unique and unexpected from familiar subjects. Four of Steinbrenner’s students have incorporated the same techniques used by the famous surrealist artist Salvador Dali into their surrealist work.

Every year, the Dali Museum of St. Petersburg, FL holds a student surrealist art exhibition, with this year’s theme being “Strangely Familiar”. Artists are free to take this theme and create their own interpretation using any kind of media.

Senior Devon Torres entered his artwork into this exhibit because he enjoyed how Salvador Dali made art out of random ideas and yet it all still had a purpose.

“I like his eccentric mind,” Torres states. “I’ve also always wanted to go to the Dali Museum, and I’m excited to go see my own art there along with the other students. ”

Senior Josseline Melgar's inked version of her piece, titled "Sphinx", that was featured at the Dali student exhibition.
Senior Josseline Melgar’s inked version of her piece titled “Sphinx” that was featured at the Dali student exhibition.

Torres has titled his piece “Opposites in Unison” where he features a cat morphed into a scene of simple organic life with the contradicting complexity of modern machinery. He explained that he wanted to create a sense of tranquility and coexistence between two different ideas.

Junior Rebecca Pizano and senior Phillip Campisi both took the approach of literally taking something familiar to everyday life and changing its context into something completely strange. “I used stuff I see everyday that don’t have relation but when put together has an effect, it relates to people.” said Campisi.

Senior Josseline Melgar also entered artwork to the exhibit, “a Sphinx with a twist”, as she states. Melgar drew inspiration from the mythologies of different cultures to create a unique new creature.

“This project was a great excuse to work on my ‘monsters’,” said Melgar. “I also wanted to see if I could make it a second time into the museum.”

The artwork of these four artists are still up for viewing at the Dali, but not for long. So if students are interested in seeing all of the students’ works, they should head on out to the Dali Museum.

Mariangely Miyares / Graphics Department

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