Courtesy of Marlena Gumpher
Courtesy of Marlena Gumpher

Who says you have to be an adult to start a business? For senior Marlena Gumpher, beginning an online clothing store earlier this year proved to be both a successful and challenging choice to top off her high school career with.

With 25 customers set to receive Gumpher’s custom clothing within the first month, her online store, RadialWave, is clearly a hit. , Gumpher is a skilled artist who has always possessed a passion for art and has clearly transferred her artistic abilities towards that of creating stylish apparel for women.

“It’s a hobby now. I just got bored with all the other clothes so I decided to just have fun with it, and when people wanted them, I started to sell them,” said Gumpher.

Her website, which is located on a social commerce website called Etsy, allows members the opportunity to sell their handmade or vintage items. Upon viewing RadialWave’s products for the first time, it was obvious to me that the store really had the potential to be successful. With the tastefully made high-waisted shorts and intricately designed floral headbands, it’s no wonder Gumpher has already managed to make 25 sales.

“With the high-waisted shorts, I just go to thrift stores and get the fabric, then I alter them and make them look pretty,” said Gumpher.

The items available on the website vary every so often due to the fact that each item is usually one of a kind, which aids in adding to the uniqueness of Gumpher’s commodity.

“I do custom orders, but I also grab some [clothes] that are more of the common sizes. If you’re a bigger size or a smaller size then I’ll still go out and find them,” said Gumpher.

RadialWave has an almost “Urban Outfitters” feel to it and includes many of the latest trends teens are currently wearing. From the edgy high-waisted shorts to the risky, yet wearable and attractive bralettes and crop tops, Gumpher hopes RadialWave will leave customers wanting more. For the small range of products it has to offer, RadialWave appears to have a steadily decent starting set of merchandise.

Visit Gumpher’s store here.

Hannah Crosby / Senior Staff Writer

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