Logan Lapace was able to pitch two full shutout innings, through sickness, to lead the Warriors to a 12-1 victory Tuesday night.

For this season wide dominating Warrior pitching staff, hits and runs have been two elements limited to their foes that allow them to be the number one seed in their district. Perhaps, even more impressive though is the number of strikeouts produced. Lapace, suffering from a cold, pitched five strikeouts, no walks, and allowed only one man to get on base because of an error on the field. Then, to preserve him for Thursday’s big matchup against Freedom, they brought in senior pitcher, Danny Rodriguez to try and get through some innings.

“I just throw strikeouts and pitch for strikes like always.  I keep the ball in front so that the team can make the plays they need to make.” Said Lapace.

Rodriguez pitched two hits, three walks, and three strikeouts over a course of two innings which got them out of a bases loaded situation in which runs that were needed to keep the game going for Chamberlin were taken away by two consecutive strikeouts. To close the game out, Head Coach John Crumbley brought in sophomore outfielder and pitcher, Andrew Lindsay where he threw a strike out and two walks. But perhaps one of the more impressive defensive moments in the game for the Warriors was when two men occupied first and second base, and with two outs, a bullet line drive was hit in the gap between right and center field, and the Warriors center fielder at the time, dove head first and saved two runs ending the game.

“When Alex (Hanson) leads off the night with a hit, it usually serves as a good sign for the game. Logan (Lapace) was disgusting tonight. He has come out here every time and competed and gotten us strikeouts and ground balls and done everything you can ask a pitcher to do.” Said senior designated hitter, Cole Gordon.

Offensively though, it was less of a fight. Within the first inning alone, the score was 5-0 thanks to a series of hits and a big triple which brought in two runs by Gordon.  But perhaps the most pain that was shown to the Chiefs were the two home runs hit by Warriors Cole Gordon, a monster three run shot that traveled far beyond the outfield fence and contributed to his five RBI’s on the night, and another home run by senior outfielder, Michael McGuire who had a total of four RBI’s. The Warriors only struck out once and walked three times. But with every run the Warriors added to their score, the stole seven times. The total number of hits for the Warriors reached 15 with numerous errors resulting in more base runners.

“As a team, we came here to win, we went up quickly, and that gave us a chance to get Logan out like our plan was so that we can get Logan out next game at the end of the week. Our offense, we hit the ball well. A lot of hard line drives and they put the ball in play. That’s really what we ask the kids to do” said Assistant Coach, Shawn Fowler.

The Warriors, still undefeated in district play with a 7-0 record, will face off against Freedom (3-13)  on the road at 7 PM on Thursday night.

Evan Abramson / Staff Writer

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