This weeks episode picks up with the former lovers, Emma and Jacob, reconnecting after Jacob has a few mental break downs from going to the cult house.

Jacob keeps seeing Paul and having conversations with him, avoiding Emma, but by the end, he and Emma are tangled in the sheets. But, plot twist, Jacob breaks away from the love connection, kills his hallucination of Paul in the bathroom, and almost kills Emma. He tells her that he has a new taste for killing his best friends and that she should watch her back. Yikes! That’s not a very happy ending.

Courtesy of Fox
Courtesy of Fox

Claire, still a giant pain in the butt, needs to be moved again, and almost gets Ryan’s best friend killed. And Ryan’s best friend tells us lots of juicy secrets about Ryan that lead to a shocker ending.

However, another plot twist occurs and Claire just gives herself over to Carroll’s people, no fighting. She just goes with them.

What?! Hello? Earth to Claire!! Just because they wont kill you, doesn’t mean anything! Momma bear is going crazy to get her cub back.

On a cinematography note,  the camera angles in this episode make me question reality. They get kind of close to the actors faces, but send the focus to other things in the room, like windows, doors, etc., making it seem like something is going to jump out at any time and grab/ kill Claire.

While Ryan and Claire are confessing their love, and being sickeningly adorable in this awful situation, the tech department of the FBI find a way into the cult from an encrypted email.

In my opinion, they should send in a sleeper agent at this point. They should get someone inside the cult, and have them getting information out without being caught and killed.

Honestly, this was a great episode, but nothing really happened in the case of the FBI trying to capture the infamous Joe Carroll.

On a side note next’s week episode looks really good. Heart stopping, jaw dropping good.

A preview of next week’s episode proves that just because they wont kill Claire, does not mean they wont rough her up. Good, she deserves it after the junk she’s put the FBI through.  Score: 6.5/10.

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