MUSE puts on a stunning show while performing several of their hit songs. Fans eagerly awaited what surprises they would throw up on the huge screens throughout the stage.

With their mixture of alternative, space, and symphonic rock, along with an added twist of dubstep, the British band MUSE blew away their audience at the Tampa Bay Times Forum this past Saturday, February 23rd. After opening for My Chemical Romance in 2007, and U2 in 2009, MUSE fans finally got to see them perform as headliners.

As the opening band Dead Sara finished their final number and the roadies began to transform the stage, one couldn’t help but feel the excitement in the air. Once the stage lights dimmed and the electronic words to one of their newer songs “Unsustainable” began to play, every single person in the Forum rose to their feet and welcomed the band to the stage.

With the melodious words from lead vocalist and guitarist Matthew Bellamy, along with chest-pounding beats and rhythms from bassist/vocalist Christopher Wolstenholme, and drummer/synthesizer Dominic Howard, MUSE put on a show unlike any other. Aside from one additional keyboardist, the sound of pure music and singing from the band was enough to give any listener goose bumps.

The LCD pyramid hovers down from the ceiling to completely hide the band as they finish up their set. It would, however, rise up again so they could perform the encore.

Along with the many “dancing” lasers and colorful monitors, the feature item of the show was an enormous shifting pyramid constructed of several LCD screens. The pyramid included various backgrounds and images that were displayed depending on the song. Towards the end of the concert, this stunning display was lowered to completely engulf the band as they wrapped up the set that would lead into the encore.

The set performed consisted of several songs from their new album The 2nd Law, including “Supremacy”, “Panic Station”, hit single “Madness”, “Unsustainable”, and “Follow Me.” In addition, other popular hits such as “Resistance”, “Supermassive Black Hole”, “Time is Running Out”, “Undisclosed Desires”, and “Starlight” were also played. Bellamy even treated the fans to a flashy guitar solo of “The Star Spangled Banner”.The camaraderie of the band was definitely evident not only on stage among themselves, but with the audience as well. During one of the songs, Bellamy got off stage to high-five and handshake those at the front of the pit. He even made a joke about Tampa’s water problem, commenting, “Those bloody squirrels!”

Overall, MUSE’s performance was nothing short of “Supremacy”.

Emily Goldbach / Sports Editor

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