The Wiregrass Ranch ace Chris Drury got the start Tuesday night, but it made no difference to the Warriors offense, whos runs ruled the Bulls in five innings 12-0.

In the first, C. Drury threw 27 pitches, and gave up a two out RBI single to designated hitter Cole Gordon to open the scoring. The Bulls looked ready to respond against Warriors starting pitcher Logan Lapace in the bottom half of the inning, loading the bases with two singles and a walk. But Lapace settled in, while getting a 3-2-3 double play and a 4-3 ground out to evade the jam.

“(Lapace) lost a couple of one two counts early, but we were able to get the double plays,” said Warrior head coach John Crumbley.

In the second the Warriors added two more runs, both attributed to one of Wiregrass’ four errors. The third and fourth innings were quiet for both teams. Then the top of the fifth inning rolled around with Austin Drury (brother of Chris, who came out after the second having thrown 50 pitches) on the mound. It started with a two pitch single for Chase Turner, then 1-1 Cole Gordon stepped up and sent a first pitch home run over the right center field wall. Jesse Haney drew a full count walk, and Mijon Cummings drove him in with a double to left center.

With one out Michael McGuire reached on an error, Danny Rodriguez got a bunt single and took second due to another error. Alex Hanson singled to bring in one, then Chase Turner returned to the plate and got a sac fly RBI. With two outs, 2-2 Cole Gordon stepped up, having hit a home run earlier in the inning. He hit another one. The first pitch was hit well over the top of the foul poll in right field.

“(Gordon) really hadn’t been pitched to, he was getting some walks in the first week, and then he have some bad swings at other times. He really didn’t have a good offensive week for us, so yesterday we tried to calm him down a little bit, and just hit up the middle,” said Crumbley.

“I wanted to hit the ball, I hadn’t been hitting that well, so just coming up and hitting the ball is a good thing for me,” said Gordon.

When the dust settled it was Warriors 12, Bulls zero, and the game was out of reach.

“We tried to juice up (the batting practice) a little bit yesterday to try and simulate more of the speed we thought they would bring with their velocity,” said Crumbley, “we came with a lot of energy tonight and it was great.”

Lapace on the mound threw 59 pitches in the five-inning shut out, with one strike out and one walk.

“We needed someone to step up, and he was our best guy available. Obviously, we made the right call, he stepped up and was outstanding,” said Crumbley.

The win was their most lopsided of the young season, and puts the Warriors at 3-0. Their next game is at Hillsborough High School on Thursday, February 21st.

Zealand Shannon / Sports Editor

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