Bryce Nickels finishes at the rim. He he is averaging 15 points and seven rebounds per game this season.

After the Warriors (2-1) took home a big win 73-47 against district rival Gaither (1-2),  the basketball team could only imagine what their team mate and friend, Junior Christian Moore was feeling while in Mississippi, attending his mother’s funeral after a long fight against breast cancer was lost.

Before the game, on Friday, November 30th, while getting ready for the game they would go on to win, the team decided that they would dedicate it to Moore.

“The emotions that were on and off the court all night was what drove this team to a huge and successful victory” said Warrior head coach, Stephen Williams.

As Coach Williams identified, a huge hole on the court had to be filled in with spirit and good play by other players, they did an excellent job of it. The Warriors had a lead of 7 by half, and did more damage to the Cowboys by doubling that amount in the third quarter.

“A lot of players stepped up tonight. Jack Frank, by far, had his best game of the season, and of his career on this team tonight, better than I have ever seen. Keshawn Ingram, Bryce Nickles, along with Kendall Pearcey and Jon Marc Carrier, they also had great games and will surely continue to do so,” said Williams.

Fouls were a main stay throughout the night bringing both the Warriors and the Cowboys a large number of free throw shots. Sophomore Jack Frank, the Warriors leading scorer, went eight of eight from the line, a big reason for his 21 points. KeShawn Ingram scored 16 points with with six assists and forward, junior Bryce Nickels scored 14 points with six blocks defensively. Freshman Jamal Byrne had a career high nine points in the win.

“I am afraid to make even the slightest prediction, but all I can say is that we will continue to work hard, play our best, and keep fighting throughout the season, and hopefully, for this hard work, some reward will be presented” said Williams when asked about predictions for the playoffs.


Steinbrenner- 15-17-19-22 Final-73

Gaither- 12-13-12-10 Final-47


Evan Abramson / Staff Writer

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  1. by far my favorite basketball story this year. i was able to find the news right away which was christian moore was absent and we wone 73 47, doesnt get much better

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