Peacemaker members escort veterans to the parade on Nov. 12.

On Nov. 12, twenty- seven Peacemakers visited the veterans staying at the Veterans Affairs hospital. They helped disabled veterans on the C- floor to see the VA parade.

“The C floor never got to see the parade before,” said Peacemaker sponsor Debbie Campbell.

Some of the veterans who attended fought in World War II the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Iraqi War. Each Peacemaker was assigned to a veteran to escort.

Senior and Parliamentarian Talia Blake was assigned to Mr. Carmack. Carmack is a disabled veteran with only one leg who fought in World War II.

“(Carmack) was in the air force like my father was,” said Blake.

Senior Cassie Reed was assigned to Chad who is an Iraqi veteran. He was the youngest veteran on the C-floor attending the parade.

“Halfway through, my veteran’s roommate came and said, ‘I need to stay with Doc;’ he was a Navy officer and my dad has been a Navy officer for 26 years now,” said Cassie.

During the parade, volunteers from local high schools passed out cards and candy while the amputee color-guard performed during the parade.

“I think the veterans really appreciated all the young people coming to visit, since they get many visitors,” said Blake.

“You don’t realize what they give up for stuff we take for granted.”

Angela Sexton / Staff Writer

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