Previously on The Walking Dead our group of heroes are holed up in a prison, there’s a new baby, Rick is going crazy, and Maggie and Glenn are being tortured. What?

The episode opens on the cute little couple, in two different rooms, being tortured for information about the rest of the groups whereabouts. The scene is very scary almost, all the colors are muted and Glenn just starts getting his butt kicked.

Michonne is taking some of the group to the town to save Glenn and Maggie, they get trapped by walkers and find the little shack where the crazy fellow is staying. The group is still trying to figure out if they should trust her.

One of the little surprises at the end of last weeks episodes, almost turns out sour when Michonne, a new girl introduced at the end of last season, shows up. She brings the baby food, but also her fiery attitude, to attack the group.

The little snip of Andera and the Gov’nor could be confusing if you are just now tuning in to our little zombie show, but all you TWD fans know what might be coming when the Gov. says she might not be coming back.The introduction of Carol back into the group is a little bit of a tear-jerker, and so is the father-son talk between Rick and Carl, during which they finally decide on a name for the new baby: Judith.

Glenn has a real shinning moment when a walker zombie is released into his holding cell. To put it simply Glenn kicks butt and duct tape saves his life.The Gov’no’rs sick methods of understanding the walkers  (turning a sick man into a walker to try and see if they remember anything from their past) gives me a chill. Then he wants to talk to Maggie, using a knife and Glenn as a threat against her? I’d be crying too, girl!  If you aren’t saying “poor Maggie” by this part, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Michonne takes a few of the guys out of the prison to go to the safe town, getting them trapped in a cabin in the woods, surrounded by walkers. The crazy guy living there tries to open the door exposing everyone to the flesh-eaters outside. So, Michonne kills him.

Rick and Daryl throw the crazy guys’ dead body into the crowd of walkers; it was just nasty, but cool to see close up how a horde takes down a human.Our two parallel worlds collide, when Rick and the wholesome gang of good people, go to the town to try and get Glenn and Maggie.

Next week’s episode is sure to shake things up and leave everyone with a fast heartbeat, and with zombies dancing around in their heads for Christmas. After that episode, however, the mid-season break will start and the show will be off the air for a couple weeks. Expect the episode-by-episode reviews to resume when the show resumes. Episode score: 8.5/10

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