Earlier this week, Steinbrenner’s culinary program hosted a fresh-cooked meal for any students who got straight A’s for the first quarter of the school year.

Culinary classes prepared fresh cookies, pasta, rolls and salad for about 160 students who received straight A’s during the first quarter. This new program began when Principal Brenda Grasso approached the culinary department to start the incentive this quarter.

“Our primary focus is academic achievement and I was really impressed with how well students did this quarter. We have always given some sort of reward but it has been much smaller in the past. This year we were able to finally be able to afford something really nice for those students who obtained straight A’s,” said Grasso.

The chefs and Principal Grasso hope to continue this incentive in the future.

“Hopefully the prospect of a delicious lunch will encourage more students to strive for straight A’s,” said junior Daniel Krasnove.

-Anthony Armenia / Web Assistant

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